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Cultural Awareness
Cultural Awareness

Interpreting requires familiarity with the customs, beliefs, values and perceptions.

We recognize that the best foundation of inpterpretation services is effective communications. When we interact with people of other cultures, we need to be aware of how they think in order to interpret accurately.

                                              offer business and school a seminar to help bridge the understanding of the Spanish culture. This resource provides the tools to facilitate communications for the success of all participants. 

Working with Interpreters

It's important to keep in mind that even though you are working with an interpreter, the communications should be between you and the Spanish-speaker. As a doctor, you are speaking directly the Spanish speaking patient. The teacher is speaking to the Spanish speaking parent. The lawyer is speaking directly to the client. The interpreter is present to simply interpret the information and is not an active participant in the discussion.

                                               offers free instruction and training regarding the process in preparation for effectively communicating with your Spanish speaking clients, patients, and consumers. (This information will help you with all languages.)

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