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About Carolina

                                         enjoys more than 15 years of interpreting experience in a variety of fields--health, law, etc. As a result, our personnel are qualified, experienced, well-trained native speakers fluent in both Spanish and English, and are intimately acquainted with the various Latino cultural heritages. Besides being trained as interpreters by community colleges and by                                         , our interpreters are required to complete a recruiting test to be a part of our team.

We keep each assignment confidential. Strict non-disclosure agreements and a Professional Code of Ethics bind our interpreters and translators.

About Our Interpreters

I am Carolina Robayo, the owner of                                          and I've been offering  interpreting and translation services since 2005. All these years, I've had the pleasure of building relationships with public schools, health centers, attorneys and the Spanish communities in many counties of North Carolina. Originally from Colombia, I understand the Spanish community--the culture,  the beliefs, and the language subtleties.


In addition to my experience as a Spanish interpreter and translator, I have experience as a healthcare consultant, assisting healthcare delivery systems understand and implement the value model. I feel fortunate that this additional experience has provided me with an array of communication experience.

I invite you to see the Testimonials in this website.

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